Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Books on Amazon!

Here are some of my completed children's book
 with a description and a link to Amazon. Enjoy!

The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew is a story of Lincoln, a young boy who happens to find a dollar tree in a special garden. Strange things begin to happen when he doesn't share his treasure with others. The child learns a great lesson about the acts of giving and receiving.

Mouse Goes to the Doctor is a rhyming story of a little boy and his toy Mouse who breaks his leg. He begs his mom to take Mouse to the doctor and fix his leg. Mom leaves her little boy very happy.

 Julie and Her Seven Calves is a story of a cow who asks her seven little calves to get some food. The calves are lazy and pass the job from one to another until it reaches back to their momma. Julie surprises them all!

 Mommy, Where Does Tiger Live? is a rhyming story of a curious, little boy who asks his mom many questions about Tiger. He learns all the wonderful things Tiger likes to do. The young boy plans to invite her over to play.

 Ants In My Pants is a rhyming and hilarious story of Lisa Marie, a little girl who loves to play with her best friend. She hides near a nest of ants and panics, as the ants get all over her pants. 

The Water Lily Fairy visits Cinisi, a small town in Sicily, known as the “Ice Cream Palace.” A special day is celebrated in this town for the children, called “Ice Cream Day.” The rich men of this town are greedy and try to stop having Ice Cream Day. The fairy makes a special day for the children. She causes these men to be jealous and saves Ice Cream Day for the children.

Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Water Lily Fairy" will be available in Italian soon. The name of the book is "La Fata delle Ninfee" by Create Space.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello, I am Mary Ann Vitale the author of the children's book "The Water Lily Fairy". I was inspired to write by my granddaughter and seeing life through her eyes. You can find my book on the web at

Barnes and Noble

"The Water Lily Fairy" will soon be available as a eBook in English, Italian and other different languages.